How do I  prepare and take my Matula Herbal Tea?

We assume that you have been tested positively for the presence of Helicobacter Pylori bacterial  infection somewhere  in your digestive tract and you now wish to eradicate this bacteria by a  30 days treatment of Matula Herbal Tea.

  • When making the tea , pour 150 – 200ml ( 4 – 7 fluid oz ) of boiling water in a cup with a bag of Matula Tea , try and steep it for 15 – 20 minutes – too try and get the strongest mixture from the tea bag . With each sip , swirl the tea around your mouth a bit before swallowing . A large percentage of H. Pylori may be found in the mouth and dental spaces.
  • Take a cup of tea in the morning and take a cup of tea in the late afternoon/evening .
  • Do not use a microwave oven to boil the water for the tea or to reheat the tea .
  • Do not take any liquids , probiotics , supplements , vitamins or food for an hour either side of taking the tea .
  • Do not take any antibiotics or vaccines while on the course of tea as this affects the efficacy of the tea . If you have had either or both do not start taking the tea until at least 14 days have passed .
  • Start taking a probiotic at the beginning of week two of your course of tea . If you are already taking a probiotic , then continue taking it .
  • Use a new toothbrush .
  • Please be careful to wash vegetables and fruit thoroughly before eating .
  • You can if you wish take two used tea bags and make a third cup ( which would be slightly weaker) and take it in the middle of the day.
  • Depending on your H. Pylori count you may have a few side-effects from H. Pylori die-off . These may differ from person to person . These may be such as constipation , diarrhoea , loose stools , fatigue , red skin , red skin spots , dilated pupils , sensitivity in the mouth , headaches , insomnia , sore or burning throat , coughing , burping , anxiousness , nausea , stomach pain and burning , heartburn , vomiting or aches and bloating .
  • If the side effects become overwhelming , stop the tea for three to four days and then resume taking the tea .
  • It may take 2-8 weeks and in severe cases sometimes longer for the H. Pylori to be flushed from the body , that is why it is important to remember to wait 30-45 days to be retested after completing the course of tea . A HPSA or GI Map test cannot determine the difference between dead, dying and live H. Pylori . An earlier test may give you a false positive or a false negative .

By Matula Tea| November 14th, 2016

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