How do I  prepare and take my Matula Herbal Tea?

We assume that you have been tested positively for the presence of Helicobacter Pylori bacterial  infection somewhere  in your digestive tract and you now wish to eradicate this bacteria by a  30 days treatment of Matula Herbal Tea.

  • Your Matula Herbal Tea is individually packed in 2 gram (approx. 0.7 ounce) tea sachets and each sachet is sealed in an airtight multilayer envelope.
  • 1 box of Matula Herbal Tea comprises 60 tea sachets.
  • To make the tea, please place one tea sachet in a tea cup or coffee mug. Pour between 100 and 150 ML (approx. 3.5 to 5 fluid ounces) rapidly boiling, good quality, water over the tea bag.
    (If you really want to get the best out of the bag, brew it on the stove)
  • Do not add sugar or milk. If desired, half a teaspoon of honey can be added.
  • Let the tea draw for at least five minutes.
  • Now drink the tea slowly in the morning ½ an hour before breakfast and at night ½ hour before dinner or at least 1 hour after dinner and swirl the tea in the mouth before swallowing.
  • Repeat this procedure every day for 30 days- till all the tea has been taken and the treatment course completed.
  • You should now feel much better and stomach pains should have disappeared or greatly diminished.
  • If pain is still present, then that might indicate that the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria has not been totally eradicated from your digestive tract.
  • In such case, it is imperative to retest for the presence of H.Pylori and this should be done by completing an H.P. Stool Antigen (HPSA) test,  not less than  30 days ( max. 45 days) after the completion of the treatment course. Such test can be arranged by your medical practitioner.

By Matula Tea| November 14th, 2016

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