Matula Herbal Tea

What are the side effects from taking Matula Herbal Tea?

Laboratory tests have shown that Matula Herbal Tea is totally non-toxic to men and women (and indeed also to horses, dogs and cats). Tests clearly show that it is even less toxic that the well-known and highly acclaimed Rooi Bos/Red Bush tea ( see test reports on website).

We have now sold in excess of 55 000 courses of Matula Tea during a period of some 16 years and only now and again do we receive reports, that the tea has  caused bloating and nausea.  We believe this is caused by the release of toxins and dead H. Pylori bacteria  from the digestive tract. Depending on your H. Pylori count you may have a few side-effects from H. Pylori die-off . These may be such as constipation , diarrhoea , fatigue , red skin , red skin spots , sensitivity in the mouth ,headaches , insomnia , sore or burning throat , burping , nausea , stomach pain , adrenaline rushes , vomiting or aches and bloating .

If the side-effects become overwhelming , stop the tea for three to four days and then resume taking the tea .

It may take 2-8 weeks and in severe cases sometimes longer for the H. Pylori to be flushed from the body , that is why it is important to remember to wait 30-45 days to be retested after completing the course of tea . A HPSA or GI Map test cannot determine the difference between dead, dying and live H. Pylori . An earlier test may give you a false positive or a false negative .

We estimate this has happened to about 60 to 70 customers over the years (less than 0.3 of a percent of total ). In such cases we normally recommend that the customer stops the treatment for two or three days and then continue and this usually stops the problems.

By Matula Tea| November 20th, 2016

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