What foods should I avoid and what foods should I consume?

What foods should I avoid and what foods should I consume?

If you suffer from stomach  ulcer or gastritis, please avoid foods which may affect your stomach.  Many  foods can irritate your stomach by increasing stomach acid and therefore cause symptoms such as indigestion, stomach pain and heartburn.

The following should be avoided or limited:


  • Regular coffee and decaffeinated coffee
  • Black tea, spearmint and peppermint tea
  • Any drink containing alcohol ( beer, wine, whisky, gin etc.)
  • Orange and grapefruit juice
  • Most fizzy drinks, including cola
  • Hot cocoa, whole milk and chocolate milk

General foods:

  • Fatty meats
  • Highly seasoned, smoked and  processed meats, such as bacon, salami,  some sausages, ham and many popular meat cuts
  • Rich dairy foods containing whole milk and cream
  • Full cream chocolate
  • Strong cheese, like matured cheddar and camembert or cheese containing black pepper
  • Processed tomato products: tomato sauce, paste or juice.


  • Hot chilies and other peppers ( black or red)- raw or in powder form
  • Garlic and onion- raw or in powder form.

What type of food should I consume?

It is important to eat a variety of foods, such as vegetables, fruit, low fat dairy foods.

  • Eat only whole grains, such as whole – wheat and rye breads, pasta, and cereals.
  • Eat brown rice instead of white rice.
  • Eat nuts and beans and  boiled or poached eggs.
  • When eating meats, choose chicken  or turkey.
  • East fish regularly.
  • Avoid unhealthy fats, use salt and sugar sparingly.
  • Use  olive and coconut oil for frying and in your salads.

Further– Eat small meals frequently. It is easier for your stomach to handle and do eat your evening meal a couple of hours before you go to bed.

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